fredag den 9. august 2013

No longer Me

I ran into a young man today. A man from the past.
I know he saw me, and that I saw him. 
I looked the other way. Turned around, and walked away. My heart was beating so fast. 
His eyes stilll feels like they are on my neck. Staring on my back. Like his eyes won't slip, and now the are stucked. Stucked in min neck. His eyes.
His eyes that leads me down memory lane. It ain't pretty. It just is... 
His eyes on my neck, down memorylane, and my mind startet twisting, flipflop, and running around. 
Thinking; I'm not the girl you used to know. You look at me, as nothing has changed. 
And the only thing I know is true. Is that everything you see. Is no longer, Me

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